Welcome to Matthijs Muilwijk’s Linux Tutorials!

Tutorials for Linux are always a pain if you don’t have any basic knowledge about the subject, right? At least that’s what I ran in to years a go when I started using these amazing Operating Systems. It took me over 2 years to master the basics, and in the end I concluded that this could be done otherwise!

In my search I’ve ran in to numerous problems that cost me great amounts of time, because even with a tutorial, I had to Google everything that was being said. So, 7 years later I’ve decided to dedicate a little of my time for you!

So, what makes these tutorials different?

Over here you will find tutorials for several tasks written for the complete newbie! Everything is written with you, someone who’s completely new to this, in mind! So, new users will become Linux-masters while following these tutorials, and they will achieve their goals in creating their own ‘machine!

Get started clean with Ubuntu here, or take a look around for our other projects!